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Development, Disease, Stem Cells, and Neural-Immune Interactions


The building of an organ starts from an amorphous cluster of cells, and proceeds following an elaborate blueprint of coordinated proliferation, morphogenesis and differentiation. Organ function relies on the harmonization with other organs, the infusion by blood and immune cells, and the wiring by the nervous system. We employ cutting edge techniques in modern biology, including genome editing, genomics, epigenomics, imaging and disease modeling, to delineate the robustness that dictates normal organ function, and uncover the imperfection that initiates pathogenesis.

At the center of our investigation is the lung, an organ that is vital at first breath. It is the setting for many fetal, pediatric and adult diseases that have little explanation and no cure. We use disease modeling as a starting point for basic discoveries in developmental biology, stem cell biology and neural-immune interface with physiology.

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Congratulations to postdocs Jamie Barr and Barsha Dash for receiving postdoctoral fellowship awards!



Current openings for postdocs and graduate students. Please contact Dr. Sun at xinsun (AT) ucsd (DOT) edu